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Hi, I’m James "Jim" Eliason and I'm running to represent Iowa House of Representatives District 6, which includes parts of Buena Vista  and  Clay Counties (see map).

I grew up in  a middle class family in California.  My parents instilled in me the value of education, hard work, and community service.  I earned a high school letter in tennis and graduated in the top 10 of a class of over 600. I graduated with distinction from Harvey Mudd College  with a major in Chemistry and minor in Political Science before earning  a Ph.D. in molecular biology from Harvard University.

I spent my career in the pharmaceutical industry doing research before moving to academia as professor in MN, NY, and IA. I've lived in Storm Lake since 2002. 

In Buena Vista County I've served in many ways (see Community Service page). In addition I have collected and recycled hundreds of pounds of trash off the streets, and given public presentations on subjects from Pearl Harbor to climate change.


 I believe in value for the people. Many legislators think they work for the taxpayers, but I think they should work for the people.  Value for the people and quality of life, not money for the taxpayers, is what matters and what I'll fight for.  


If I'm to get your vote, you need to know that:

1)  I care about what you care about.

2) That I'd be an effective legislator.

3) That I will fight for what we care about

The rest of the site has more details on why I'm good for all of 1-4, but briefly:

  • 1) See my positions on the issues page and the letters to the editor.  if you don't see your issue email me at

  • 2)  I know how to reach moderates and conservatives as well as progressives. See my letter "Conservative Values Vote Democrat". I know how to persuade and compromise.  I have vast experience in writing rules.  My hobby is playing very complex games and 8 of them list me in the rules as helping to write the rules.  I've served on the state Rules Committee 4 times.  My Ph.D. science career trained me to analyze complex problems and ask the right questions. 

  • 3) I not only write game rules, I play at a world class level.  I've won 14 world championships including one coming from behind on the last turn of a 9 hour game. I stayed in a platform committee meeting for 17 hours making sure my voice was heard till the end.

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