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The Lawless and Disorder President


      People like law and order, and that’s a good thing.  Trump says he’s for law and order but his actions prove that he isn’t.  He and his administration have broken many laws: 1) Michael Cohen, Trump’s lawyer, went to prison for violation of campaign laws, violations that were ordered by Trump. 2) Trump extorted the government of Ukraine to discredit the son of his political opponent, for which he was impeached. 3) He has argued in court that he may not be charged with a crime or even investigated, which would make him above the law. 4) The Mueller report found at least 10 occasions where Trump obstructed justice.  5) It’s illegal for federal employees to promote a political agenda while performing job functions.  The Republican national convention was filmed almost exclusively at the White House, Fort McHenry, and the Mellon Auditorium, all maintained by federal employees.  Two cabinet officials, one in a naturalization ceremony, and one on a diplomatic mission overseas, presented during the convention.  6) Trump illegally transferred funds from military construction to build his border wall. 7) He refused to honor a legal subpoena from Congress. 8) Trump wanted radical right winger Ken Cuccinelli in a top immigration post.  This position requires Senate confirmation and Trump illegally circumvented this requirement since he knew even Republican senators would vote against him.  9) Trump’s acting head of the Bureau of Land Management was never sent to the Senate for confirmation and stayed in an acting capacity longer than legally allowed.  10) Trump’s Hotel in Washington, D.C. has a lease from the federal government which prohibits elected officials from being on the lease.  11) He used funds from his charity for personal gain. The charity has been liquidated by order of the NY Attorney General.  There are many others.

      Trump has promoted disorder in many ways: 1) He criticizes violence on the left but makes excuses for violence by the right.  The FBI says that the largest domestic terrorism danger is due to right wing groups. 2) He mocked a liberal newsman limping after being hit by a rubber bullet while covering a protest and described the video as “a beautiful thing”. 3) At a rally he said “knock the crap out of [opponents]...I will pay for the legal fees” 4) At another rally: “I’d like to punch [a heckler] in the face.” 5) And again: “It was very very appropriate.  He was swinging, he was hitting people and the audience hit back. And that’s what we need a little bit more of.”  There are many other examples.

      The above are not conspiracy theories, but verifiable facts.  If you want law and order, vote for Joe Biden, a man who obeys the law and wants to unite the country instead of inciting violence.


Jim Eliason

Storm Lake


Published in Storm Lake Times 2 Oct., 2020

Published in Storm Lake Pilot-Tribune 2 Oct., 2020

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