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Feenstra Advocates Government Default

      Randy Feenstra’s 8/27 newsletter urges the federal government to give a handout to pork producers and the same newsletter complains about too much government spending and opposes raising the federal debt ceiling.  His 7/23 newsletter brags about getting federal spending for mental health and STEM education but complains “Democrats are turning a blind eye to the fact that American families are paying the price for their socialist spending.”

      First, advocating for spending on his friends but opposing spending in general is hypocritical and irresponsible, especially since the federal deficit is largely due to the tax cuts for the rich passed by the Republicans.  Second, not raising the debt ceiling is unconstitutional, would put the USA in default on its obligations, and shut down the government.  The constitution says “The validity of the public debt of the United States, authorized by law, … shall not be questioned.”  Debate the deficit during passage of budget and tax bills, not when raising the debt ceiling.

      If Mr. Feenstra wants a balanced budget he needs to vote for greatly increasing taxes, and for greatly decreasing government services like the military, disaster relief, aid to state and local governments, crop insurance subsidies, and health care.  But he knows these measures would be extremely unpopular.

Published, slightly edited, in Sioux City Journal   19 Sept., 2021

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