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Absentee Ballot Instructions Error


I received my absentee ballot yesterday and was distressed to see that the pictures on how to fill out a ballot showed a pen in the English version and a pencil in the Spanish version.  My county auditor said these were provided by the state and had to be used as is.  People look at pictures more than words and the words being correct isn't good enough.  The Secretary of State and all county auditors should widely publicize that Spanish speakers and English speakers should both use pen.  Don't be vulnerable to conspiracy theories that the votes of Latinx people will be altered before being counted.


James Eliason

Storm Lake


Submitted to Des Moines Register 8 Oct, 2020

Sioux City Journal  8 Oct, 2020

Storm Lake Times  8 Oct, 2020

Published in Storm Lake Pilot-Tribune 9 Oct, 2020

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